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Rock Island is a true river city, located at the confluence of two major waterways, the Rock and Mississippi Rivers. Rock Island hosts a number of unique cultural attractions, including Augustana College, Circa 21 Theater, the Quad City Botanical Gardens, Hauberg Civic Center, Karpeles Manuscript Museum, the Rock Island Arsenal, Chippiannock Cemetery, Longview Park, and Blackhawk State Park. Miles of riverfront trails converge at Schwiebert park and connect Rock Island to the other Quad Cities and beyond. As a River City, our history incorporates the best and worst from American history; we were a frontier town where European settlers collided with Sauk and Fox Indians, and where Prohibition-era gangsters such as John Looney (see Road to Perdition) once ruled as the kings of Rock Island. In Rock Island, the past and the present are in a constant dance!
To learn more about the amazing history of Rock Island as told through pictures and postcards, please visit the Rock Island Preservation Society's incredible website.
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