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PURPOSE: To promote the Broadway neighborhood and the Broadway Historic District Association's events and fundraisers on social media.

DUTIES: Administers social media accounts (Facebook, Nextdoor, Twitter, Instagram, etc) and tracks new trends in social media. Promotes events, activities, and life in Broadway with pictures, text, and other forms of media. Photographs events for documentation and promotion of the neighborhood. Organizes monthly cash mobs.

SKILLS: Active on social media.

TIME COMMITMENT: Continuous, monthly (cash mobs), and on an as-needed basis for special events and programs


PURPOSE: To promote the Broadway neighborhood in the mainstream media (TV news and newspapers).

DUTIES: Maintains a list of local press outlets (radio, newspaper, television). Writes and issues press releases for Broadway events. Greets the press during events and provides a general overview of Broadway and the relevant activities. Coordinates interviews for reporters, as needed.

SKILLS: Articulate, good writer, comfortable speaking on behalf of Broadway on camera

TIME COMMITMENT: On an as-needed basis, prior to and during events


PURPOSE: To market Broadway living., events, and activities in Broadway to the wider Quad Cities and surrounds.

DUTIES: Develops a marketing strategy to target Broaway's message to potential homeowners. Develops fliers, brochures, signage, and messaging needed for major events (Great Unveilings, social events, fundraisers). Creates the annual BHDA newsletter and advises Board on means of distribution.

SKILLS: Good writer, experience with text and image editing software.

TIME COMMITMENT: Prior to events and throughout the year


PURPOSE: To recognize residents who are making historically-appropriate improvements to their properties and to plan and organize events that improve the appearance of the neighborhood.

DUTIES: Issues quarterly Beautification Awards, organizes annual Neighborhood Cleanups, organizes Old Home Workshops, and plans activities or installations that improve the appearance of Broadway.

SKILLS: Good aesthetic sense and knowledge of historically appropriate home renovations. Knowledge of Photoshop or similar are a bonus.

TIME COMMITMENT: Ongoing as improvements are made to the neighborhood. About 6 hours are required to organize the neighborhood cleanup.


PURPOSE: To welcome new homeowners in Broadway, providing information about Broadway and the Association

DUTIES: Tracks home sales in Broadway to determine names and locations of new homoeowners (through township records or similar). Delivers welcome bags/baskets full of literature, products, souvenirs, and other items to introduce new homeowners to Broadway and the Association. Establishes friendly contact and encourage knowledge of an participation in neighborhood activities. Update and maintain items to be included in the Basket.

SKILLS: People skills. Organization

TIME COMMITMENT: As needed as sales of homes occur.


PURPOSE: To organize social activities that bring neighbors together.

DUTIES: Organizes low cost, high social impact activities (Christmas caroling, Ice Cream Socials, Block Parties, etc) that do not fall under the category of Fundraising, but that build a sense of community in Broadway.

SKILLS: Organization. People skills. Experience organizing parties or events a plus.

TIME COMMITMENT: Several Hours planning and coordinating each event.


PURPOSE: To apply for grants that help fund Broadway events and projects.

DUTIES: Maintains a list of all current year projects and events. Maintains and updates a list of granting Foundations that align with Broadway's mission and projects. Submits grant applications on behalf of the organization.

SKILLS: Organization. Excellent writer. Enjoys Research

TIME COMMITMENT: Continuous and on an as-needed basis


PURPOSE: To organize Great Unveilings and keep track of Restoration in Progress Signs.

DUTIES: Organizes and promotes annual Great Unveilings or advises the Board on a restoration project that is in the spirit of a Great Unveiling. Keeps track of restoration activities in the neighborhood, reports projects to the Beautification Committee, and requests replacement signs as needed.

SKILLS: Perceptive of changes to properties in the neighborhood. Organized

TIME COMMITMENT: Continuous. A few hours per month tracking projects and a few hours planning the annual Great Unveiling.



PURPOSE: To recruit residents to serve on the Board and become active in BHDA events.

DUTIES: Promotes the Board to residents. Asks active residents to serve on the board throughout the year. Maintains a list of prospective and interested board members. Assists the President with appointments in the event that there are vacancies.

SKILLS: Outgoing. Good People skills. Active volunteer on the Board. Good knowledge of the Board and our projects and activities.

TIME COMMITMENT: On-going and as-needed


PURPOSE: To serve as a single point of contact between Broadway residents and the Rock Island City government.

DUTIES: Tracks problem properties and reports to the necessary authorities. Tracks any upticks in anti-social activity in the neighborhood. Organizes community meetings with relevant civic leaders on an as-needed basis. Serves as a liaison between the BHDA Board and the neighborhood to address anti-social activity. Provides guidance and information to residents that will reduce the occurrence of concerns and problem properties.

SKILLS: Calm. Good with People. Understands community issues. Knowledge of local government

TIME COMMITMENT: On-going and as-needed





PURPOSE: To organize fundraisers needed to fund Broadway projects, operations, and activities.

DUTIES: Organizes and defines scope and purpose of fundraisers. Recruits volunteers to help with fundraisers. Determines ticket pricing for fundraisers and creates a budget of proposed returns. Coordinates fundraisers on the day of the event. Works with Marketing and Social Media Committees to get the message out.

SKILLS: Organization. People skills. Money Management. Comfortable asking for donations. Experience organizing parties, events, or fundraisers a plus.

TIME COMMITMENT: 1-2 Fundraisers are typical per year depending on organizational needs. Typically requires a few weeks of preparation for the event.



PURPOSE: To ensure the BHDA Constitution/By-Laws meet the needs of the Association.

DUTIES: Reviews requests for changes to the by-laws. Determines the application of the by-laws. Ensures that the by-laws are properly followed

SKILLS: Organized. Familiar with BHDA by-laws

TIME COMMITMENT: Formed annually and on an as-needed basis



PURPOSE: To ensure the elections for the BHDA Board are run fairly and according to the BHDA By-laws and constitution.

DUTIES: Formed by the President each year at the August meeting. Arranges for absentee voting. Prepares ballots. Runs elections at the meeting. Counts ballots. Reports election results

SKILLS: Organized and objective

TIME COMMITMENT: 5 hours to organize documents for elections and run the elections


PURPOSE: To maintain and update the BHDA website.

DUTIES: Create new content on the website, add monthly minutes, update board members and contact information

SKILLS: Capable of using a drag and drop webpage editor

TIME COMMITMENT: Monthly updates to the minutes page, annual updates to the board members page, continuous updates to the Events page, content additions as necessary

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