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Broadway Feral Friends was formed in April 2014 to spay and neuter feral and stray cats in Broadway, provide other medical care when possible, and educate residents about the humane treatment of animals. Feral Friends has helped more than 140 community cats since the project was initiated.

The volunteers practice Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) with feral cats. Spayed and neutered cats are better neighbors, because the surgery reduces or stops many unwanted, mating behaviors (such as fighting and spraying).

Returning the cats after medical care allows them to maintain their territory, which can keep unaltered cats from moving into the neighborhood and reproducing. A successful TNR program allows the community cat population to stabilize and eventually decline.

To donate, make a check out to Broadway Historic District and write "cats" or "Broadway Feral Friends" on the memo line and mail it to Broadway Historic District Association, P.O. Box 5362, Rock Island, IL 61204, or donate through our PayPal Account and include “cats” or "Broadway Feral Friends” in the “add special instructions to recipient” section.

Memorial Donations:



Sue Bjorkman

Oreo James Hocker

John L. and Dorothy Greenwood
Anne Holliday

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