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If you are considering moving to Broadway but have apprehensions about maintaining a historic home, have no fear! Broadway is full of enthusiastic Historic Preservationists who are willing to teach new homeowners the skills needed to keep your home in optimal shape for the next 100 years. The Broadway Beautification Committee hosts quarterly workshops to teach new and prospective homeowners about proper maintenance and repair of historic homes. Discover more about our fascinating workshops in the links below. Workshops are open to all residents of the Broadway Historic District free of charge; we request a $10 donation per person for any non-Broadway residents who want to attend.

Window Repair Workshop

Paul Fessler led a workshop on window repair.

February 04, 2017

Broadway residents gathered at Hauberg Civic Center, which borders the Broadway Historic District to learn about waxing wooden floors.

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This is an annual checklist, created by the Broadway Beautification Committee, to get your house in excellent shape for the winter. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

This Guide provides some useful tips and tricks for maintaining and preserving your historic home and was produced by Broadway resident Daryl Empen.

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